Decouvrez la Furion M1, la 1 ere Moto hybride Wankel.

Un moteur hybride, rotatif & électrique pour le meilleur de la performance écologique.

Découvrez sa conception

Hybrid genes, an exotic interbreeding.

Furion The M1 is a vehicle currently in development with at its heart a Wankel rotary engine combined with an electric motor to the best of hybridization. An original motive combination with the key to a sound unusual, musical fruit of two rotors of the rotary engine. Sporty, light and handy The Furion M1 boasts high performance with record consumption. A carrier motor housed within a tubular steel trellis frame, all associated with the best of adaptable for chassis allows it to take very good qualities dynamiques.Le sporty claimed by this muscular roadster also passes by ecological concerns ahead of the forthcoming European standards. The Furion M1 offers sharp styling, highlighted by LED light sets dotting the vehicle bow stern. The brainchild of passionate, she is part of his time as an exceptional vehicle driven by an original mechanical.

Fury M1 offers familiar measurements, it has a compact design and a sharpened geometry to create the best road and sporty handling.


• dual-rotor + electric engine 40kw

Capacity : 2×327 (654) cc

Torque : 105 Nm à 6000 tr/mn + 100 nm total : 205 Nm

Compression Ratio : 10,1 :1

power : 125hp à 9000 tr/mn + 55 hp total : 180 hp


• Longueur : 2 095 mm

Seat Height : 810 mm

• ground clearance : 140 mm

• Rake angle / rake : 23,5 ° / 101 mm

• wheelbase : 1 435mm

• Wet weight : 209 kg

Fuel Capacity  : 16 liters

• Front tyre : 120/70/17

• Rear Tyre: 190/50/17


• Frame: tubular trellis frame, motor carrier.

• Fork: inverted 43 mm, adjustable rebound, compression and preload

• Rear suspension: monoshock horizontal gas type Back-Link, adjustable preload and rebound

• Front brake: Double disc petal 310 mm, 4-piston radial calipers

• Rear brake: Single disk petal 250 mm, single-piston caliper

• Final Drive: Chain

Clutch: multidisc in oil bath

Transmission: 6-speed

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A team of professionals around an original design

Marc Evenisse

Marc Evenisse


The designer Marc Evenisse presents the Furion M1, a hybrid combining rotary motorcycle and Electric motor for the best environmental performance. Using the latest 3D metal printing technology, this model offers a serious introduction to the bike tomorrow.

Adrien Chareyre

Adrien Chareyre


Adrien est un pilote chevronné fort de 4 titres de champion du monde de supermoto. Il apporte une expertise technique pointue pour faire de la FURION M1 une moto à la foi civilisée et radicalement sportive pour satisfaire les plus impétueux d'entre nous.

A definir

A definir

à définir

A définir

The Key Points
The Furion M1 offers energy-related economic solution to substantially reduce consumption through the 400 kilometers on 16 liters of fuel.
Features excellent performance on road and track, with intelligent electric hybridization, adapting to the needs of the driver.
Simple and seasoned, the Furion M1 is the result of a simple and efficient policy making as placing a machine accessible, both in mechanical and in terms of cost of purchase and maintenance.

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